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  • Basketball Practice Scoreboard September 20, 2016

    It is imperative that every practice of the season has the scoreboard turned on and functioning.  I realize that this may be difficult below the high school level, but the benefits will get you thinking of ways.  The reason for the scoreboard is simple!  Basketball is a timed game where the score is very important, so we should practice under the same conditions.  Continue reading →

  • The Goal of Every Practice September 2, 2016

    Every practice of the season is imperative to that basketball team reaching their optimal goal of reaching their full potential.  The Coach has to set the tone at the start of practice #1 and keep that level of expectation elevated for the entire season.  Basketball is an practiceexhausting game when played at the highest level.  When any player or team gets fatigued they revert back to habits that they have without even thinking.  If the coach is telling them all the right things before the game, but not making it a habit (drilling repeatedly every practice) then the team will fall back to bad habits in crunch time and lose.   If the coach demands the best of his team every single practice and has consequences when he doesn’t get it, then those habits have a much better chance of being good habits that get the job done = win.

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  • Coach – Is Your Best Basketball Player Your Hardest Worker??? August 2, 2016

    At all levels coaches begin to anticipate what type of season they will have about this time of year.  By late summer we know who our best player is and what they are all about.  How hard you get that player to work all season long will have a direct impact on every person in your program and as a result — your win / loss record!!!
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  • Inbounds Plays May 26, 2016

    inbounds picBasketball Inbounds plays under your own basket can occur from 6 to 10 times per game.  These are opportunities to score and can be the difference between winning and losing.  If you are running a play to just get the ball in or possibly worse, running a play to launch another 3 pointer then you are missing the boat.  The main points that I want you to consider from this post is that you run every inbounds play from the same set and that every play you run has an option to get a cheap basket (less than 5 feet away)! Continue reading →

  • Strengths & Weaknesses May 23, 2016

    practice aloneDo you have a full understanding of what your strengths and weaknesses (S&W) are as a basketball player?  Rest assured, we all have weaknesses!  If you do not know them, have some detailed conversations with basketball people you respect about identifying both your S&W.  This is very important as you focus on improving as a basketball player.   A few areas to consider include are you a strong or weak:  ball handler, shooter, post player, screener, perimeter defender, post defender, rebounder or free-throw shooter. Continue reading →

  • Are You Modeling What You Are Expecting? May 21, 2016

    coach practiceYou ask your players everyday for maximum effort!  You want them to be prepared before they ever walk into the gym.  They must have the right amount of sleep, nutrition, correct gear, positive attitude, etc…  My challenge for you is to look closely at yourself and what image you are presenting to the basketball team.  All teams, companies or organizations are going to eventually take on the habits, attitude and work ethic of their leader.  If you are unprepared, out of shape or inconsistent with your attitude………………….  Yeah – you get it!   Continue reading →