Competition Level

1-on-1-basketball-300x201The quickest way to improve at anything in life is to give your best effort going against toughest competition!  Human nature often has us go the easiest or most comfortable route.  Resist that temptation.  Don’t go play in basketball games that you know you are going to win.  Play as much as you can, but seek out the bigger, tougher, more experienced players to compete against.  This will force you to improve your skill level to have any level of success.  Have the guts to guard the best player on the other team every-time that you play.  This will gain you respect and will make you a much better player quickly.  It will be real easy to get the assignment also, because everyone else will be hiding when you say I got him! Continue reading

Player Identity

tristanWhen other players and coaches think of you as a basketball player what skill or attribute comes to mind first?  Hopefully it is tallest player, great shooter, amazing athlete!  However, that is probably only 5% of players.  Every season you have to choose, commit to and work on what your identity as a player is going to be.  This will help you get more playing time and will raise your confidence about your entire game.  When the coach is trying to decide who to sub into the basketball game, he will be thinking about your identity.  If you are just a guy who is OK at everything, he will probably pass you up for the skill he is looking for.  He will insert the best rebounder if that is his current need, best help defender, etc…  It is a lot easier to get playing time as a role player than to try to become the star!  Every team needs many role players to get the job done!  Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavaliers makes over $14 million a year as a role player.  He is solely focused on rebounding the basketball!

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Off-Season Workouts

Every Off-Season is critical for players to get their individual game to another level!  Human nature has us let our guard down a little, relax and maybe show offdribbling drill our best basketball skills all summer long.  When in reality we should be upping the workload and focusing entirely on our weaknesses while the games aren’t as critical.  If every off-season you can identify your 3 biggest weaknesses and improve each of those — you will come back a much better player and your new confidence level will take you to a level of play that you will become obsessed with. Continue reading

GAME 7 NBA FINALS – What to expect!

game 7This is it!  All the marbles are on the line tonight.  Tip Off is in just 30 minutes.  Either the Warriors or Cavs will be WORLD CHAMPS and the other will forever feel like they absolutely gave it away.  Career legacies will be defined by what happens tonight.  All of us “Basketball Lifers” will be hanging on every call.  So what should we expect?  Here are a few things that you shouldn’t be surprised by. Continue reading


finals logoWe all claim to have Hoops Knowledge.  Well now let’s see who really does.  The NBA FINALS POLL is here.  Share this with your friends and social media peeps!  See rules of this poll and what the winner or winners will enjoy below.


Bragging rights – Earn a blog written about them and tagged to their social media site.  This will include a picture of them (if they want it) and a paragraph written by them on how they have this incredible basketball knowledge (if they want to)!

Rules of this Poll:

You must have your 1 vote in before tip-off on Thursday night.  You also have to have commented on this post listing your vote and MVP.  Finally, you have to be a subscriber to this site (IT’S FREE).  You will just see an occasional email when a post is published and you can unsubscribe after The Finals ends if you would like to.

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Strengths & Weaknesses

practice aloneDo you have a full understanding of what your strengths and weaknesses (S&W) are as a basketball player?  Rest assured, we all have weaknesses!  If you do not know them, have some detailed conversations with basketball people you respect about identifying both your S&W.  This is very important as you focus on improving as a basketball player.   A few areas to consider include are you a strong or weak:  ball handler, shooter, post player, screener, perimeter defender, post defender, rebounder or free-throw shooter. Continue reading