Competition Level

1-on-1-basketball-300x201The quickest way to improve at anything in life is to give your best effort going against toughest competition!  Human nature often has us go the easiest or most comfortable route.  Resist that temptation.  Don’t go play in basketball games that you know you are going to win.  Play as much as you can, but seek out the bigger, tougher, more experienced players to compete against.  This will force you to improve your skill level to have any level of success.  Have the guts to guard the best player on the other team every-time that you play.  This will gain you respect and will make you a much better player quickly.  It will be real easy to get the assignment also, because everyone else will be hiding when you say I got him! Continue reading

INVEST in your aspiring Basketball Player!

So you have a son or daughter that is showing camppromise and most importantly seems to LOVE the game of basketball!  If you want them to keep this passion for the greatest sport on earth – you must fuel the fire!  INVEST in their development as basketball players.  Basketball will give them self-confidence, the ability to work well with others, a competitive spirit, the ability to cope with failure, the ability to cope with success, great exercise and a lifetime of enjoyment!!!  My concern is that I often see parents dump money into sport development such as hitting instructors, golf swing coaches, etc…  However, when it comes to basketball it is often “here is a ball – go find a hoop”!   What can you do to help your basketball player reach their full potential?

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Too Many Coaches

Imagine you are in your biggest sports moment as a young developing basketball player and right before the deciding play in the last few minutes of the game you have to hear directions from 7 different adults at one time.  Your coaches, parents, uncles, other parents – all yelling instructions at you at one time.  Imagine you are the coach who is volunteering his time and your players can’t hear your instructions because of all the “wanna be” coaches in the stands are yelling above you.

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Parents – tips to help the development of your basketball player

parents standsSo you have an up & coming basketball player that is starting to get serious about this game that they seem to love.  That is great news for you!  This game will develop their confidence, teach them life lessons and give them life long relationships to enjoy.  They need you to be a positive mentor through the process of their basketball development.  Your player is young!  They have their own negative thoughts and many friends that are telling them to not work so hard, the coach is a jerk, why do you care so much, etc…   Continue reading