Duke 2017 National Champs?

The college basketball season is still very early and I haven’t seen all the Top 20 Teams play, but Duke is as experienced and talented as any team I have seen in years.  Grayson AllenNo other college team has the 1-2 scoring punch of Grayson Allen and Luke Kennard!  Those guys can rain 3’s, get to the rim and shoot free throws.  Allen is a little more athletic and plays with a chip on his shoulder, but man I like Kennard’s game.  Rounding out Coach K’s current “Big 3″ is Amile Jefferson.  The 6’9” Jefferson is a double double machine and seems to make all the right decisions of when to score and when to pass that many big guys struggle with.  He is playing his way into an NBA opportunity as a role player.  He was trending in this direction last season, averaging a double-double in Duke’s first nine games before suffering a right foot fracture on Dec. 12.  His absence decimated an already thin frontcourt, and while he may have been able to come back for the NCAA tournament, Duke not going that route made him eligible for a medical redshirt so he could come back for 2016-17. In turn, his play has prevented coach Mike Krzyzewski from having to rush his freshmen onto the court. Continue reading

NBA MVP Race is Over!

Usually it takes at least 40 basketball games to decide who is in position to win the NBA’s MVP.  This year it has taken 3 games and really the writing was on the wall all off-season.  Russell Westbrook is your 2016-17 Most Valuable Player.  He has the talent, motivation and team makeup to make it happen.   His stats thus far (not maintainable) are 38.7 ppg, 12.3 rpg and 11.7 apg — WOW!!!  He is the best athlete in the league and has been for a number of years.  With all this being said, please understand – I am really not a Westbrook fan!  I just want to share some knowledge on how many things go into basketball results!

westbrookWestbrook’s motivation is a big part of this and that is all generated by his want to show the world that he is a better player than Kevin Durant, who left to join the Warriors.  The truth is that Westbrook isn’t as good as KD and never will be.  A true measure of a player is how much positive effect he has on his team winning games and eventually winning championships.  Westbrook is capable of doing anything he puts his mind to, but his selfish streaks and zero “point guard mindset” is what has prevented OKC from taking the next step to make it to the finals or win it the 1 year they did make it.  Durant is taking alot of flack for joining the already established Warriors and he deserves it.  However, it is his disdain for Westbrook’s selfish play that made him fantasize about being a part of a team that shares the ball freely and the open man takes the shot – everytime! Continue reading


You’ve played sports at a high level, you research the stats daily and you watch ESPN every-time you get the chance!  Anytime you get in a discussion about last weekends games you give a clinic to your peers on why it happened and what will happen next!!  Now you have an opportunity to show off that incredible amount of Sports Knowledge!  There is a FREE APP United-Games-Independent-Affiliatecoming that will be the biggest and best of all time and it is perfect for you!  You will be able to compete against your friends on a play by play basis to see who knows the game.  Points will be tallied live based on your predictions and prizes will be awarded!  Most importantly you will be able to spank your friends and talk mad trash about it!!!

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GAME 7 NBA FINALS – What to expect!

game 7This is it!  All the marbles are on the line tonight.  Tip Off is in just 30 minutes.  Either the Warriors or Cavs will be WORLD CHAMPS and the other will forever feel like they absolutely gave it away.  Career legacies will be defined by what happens tonight.  All of us “Basketball Lifers” will be hanging on every call.  So what should we expect?  Here are a few things that you shouldn’t be surprised by. Continue reading

How much did GS miss Draymond?

1st off – full disclosure – I am pulling for Lebron and the Cavs in the Finals.  However, I will tell you the truth that neither basketball team was willing to say post draymondgame last night.  The GSW missed Draymond Green a ton in every phase of the game.  They might be swept if they were to play this series without him.  He is GS’s most valuable player!!!  Don’t get confused.  I am not saying that he is a better player than Steph and Klay.  Especially not on offense.  However, in the literal meaning of the phrase MVP – Green is exactly that for the Warriors.  Let’s break down some of those phases and why he is so important to their success in each: Continue reading

NBA Finals – What’s Next?

cavs struggleAnyone who watched the 1st 2 games of the 2016 Finals has the feeling that this thing is done!  GS showed much more skill combined with much more fight and “want to”!  It was an embarrassing performance by the Cavs to include Lebron James and the other 2 parts of the “Big Three”.  Let’s add Head Coach Tyronn Lue in that group as well.  This 33 point loss was 2 days after losing Game 1 of the World Championship series.


If the Cavs are under the mindset that they will just win the next 2 at home and reset the series with 3 games to thompsongo — they are done.  That would work against many teams and has been the theme so far in this year’s playoffs.  The error in that thinking is that this is against the SPLASH BROTHERS.  They will steal a game when you least expect it.  Not to mention they are almost unbeatable at home.  See best regular season record in NBA history.  To win a World Championship, you need to fight to win every possession like it is the last 24 seconds of Game 7.  In the game of basketball, you not only win a game to win a game — you win every possession to take away any chance of hope from your opponent.  You impose your will on them until they are ready to “go fishing”!


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